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The coffee itself has a sweet flavor with notes of fudge, honey, green apple, and cherry blossom. It has a full body and a pleasant sweetness, with hints of dark rum, chocolate, caramel, nuts, and subtle stone fruit notes.

The Honduras Abeja Honey coffee is a specialty coffee produced by the Capucas cooperative in Honduras. It is a honey-processed coffee, meaning the coffee cherries are dried with some of the sticky mucilage still attached, resulting in a sweet and fruity flavor profile.The Abeja Honey project was launched to support beekeeping initiatives within the cooperative. For every bag of Abeja coffee sold, an additional premium of $0.22 per pound is paid on top of the Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, and Organic premiums. This premium is used to fund the construction of beehives, training of beekeepers (with a focus on women and youth), and improving honey production processes for the cooperative members.



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